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Voxel concept

Voxel concept

Project Manager: Lansdale via Jono Lansdale

Experiment using magikavoxel and create a few units for the concept and a small slice of level and aesthetics.  Demonstrate how we can work voxel into our design and the process including challenges you come across making a model and bringing it into unity.  Document how much time it takes, the hurdles you go through, and document a workflow that we can adopt.

Whats expected.  A scene in unity with a small slice of a level with units such as a tank. infantry, air unit in an area of the map that will illustrate how our final design may look using this art style.  Here are some examples of what we can expect

examples example example

In addition a well-documented journey of what to expect with out of the workflow.  What hurdles you come across as well and a document for the pipeline so we can illustrate how the process works for other team members.


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