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Update GDD

Update GDD

Project Manager: Lansdale via Jono Lansdale

update the GDD with all the current data

List Beginning, Middle, End in GDD
• Review this information http://www.thoucurator.com/forum/listreply?threadid=328 for the contents of the discussion we had with this topic
• Take the information here and update the GDD with the contents

Above the list of things NOT going into the MVP, list everything that is going to be in it. As well as the vertical slice and beta.
Here is a simple list for MVP, Slice, and Beta

1. Camera Works
2. Selection of Units
3. Units Move Natural
4. Spawn Building from Unit
5. Spawn Unit from Building
6. Unit Attacks Unit
7. Unit Attacks Building
1. Graphical User Interface In-Game
1. Button Calls Actions
2. Unit(s) Show In List
3. Menu Pops Modal
1. Artificial Intelligence
1. Unit Attack Enemy
2. Unit Seek/Moves to Enemy
update gdd


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