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Create Skill Abilities for Officer

Create Skill Abilities for Officer

Project Manager: Anonymous

• Review this information that we have for abilities and traits http://www.thoucurator.com/wiki/viewwiki?wikiid=105

• Create a skillset of abilities and skills for these officers to utilize. Keeping in mind the officers background, role, and personality.
• We have room for each officer to have 9 skills to take into battle. Lets design 12 so we have a selection to choose and test from
• Design with intent. Include the concepts we have and apply them practically into a toolkit for an officer to use
• Make sure to define how these skills are executed. Area of affect? Target?
• Keep in mind that these skills will need to be balanced not only against other skillsets enemies would use but also within the skillset the skill belongs too. While not entirely true, most skills should balance within the set with intent and design

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