Creating of the Storyboard in Armament

Creating of the Storyboard in Armament

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Ok we need to figure out how the storyboard is going to play out for Armament.  Much like the story / cutscene for Red Alert 2 we want to bring this type of storyboard to our game.

We are going to use our models to create the cut scene not real people and it will be done with image for right now not videos.

So first lets figure out the story that will be told.  Tessa is working on the background to the story but we need to do a storyline for right now in the present time.  You can review all the game writer stuff for the back story as needed.

Lets brain storm some idea to use for this and how we will tie it into the game.  We are going to want to do a comic book layout type thing.  But remember we will be using our own models of block like figures etc in the 3d section.  These will not be realistic drawing as far as units, structure, and people.

Lets make sure you review the GAD as well to make sure everything lines up correctly.  This will help us get the scene define then we can start setting up agenda for creation.
Creating of the Storyboard in Armament
For now let get a story board lined up for each scene that will be shown list in order on a wiki page here I have created it already.

This story will need to be inline for all faction not just one as each player will play thought one story line no matter what faction they are on to get us started.

Scene Table Chart
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