Personality Card ENTREPRENEUR

Personality Card ENTREPRENEUR

Project Manager: Anonymous

This is a multi-discipline agenda. I am initially assigning it to 'writer' and will continue through the list as items are accomplished. If you are working on a Designer or 2D Art aspect of the agenda please be sure you change the drop-down menu to the appropriate area when logging time.

Personality Card ENTREPRENEUR

WRITER:  1 hour
We need a detailed description of the character as it would be spoken to the player.

We need a list of bonuses that will be assigned to the stock card as well as a list of bonuses alterations that will appear when level changes are applied to the trait slider.

2D ART:    10 hours
(#ff9900) We need the card itself and the insignia which has been defined as: "Yellow Kite-shield with black/dark grey border and a same colored insignia of the earth (or another planet)".

Personality Card ENTREPRENEUR
ver: 20230327M182318

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