Correcting Uploaded Assets

Correcting owned assets orientation

Project Manager: Lansdale via Jono Lansdale

Using this Wiki double check and make sure the assets in xenko have been exported/imported correctly. 
  1. Check to ensure the model is facing the right direct forward so when export the -z axis is the front face of the model
  2. Ensure the model is in Meters and is in real world cords.  If this is not possible contact a lead or producer to explain why.
  3. Check the center of Mass so that when exporting the model rotates on the center point of the model and not an edge
  4. Export with Y as up and -Z as forward.
  5. Before exporting make sure to Apply transform.  Do this by pressing Ctrl-A and then selecting it form the drop down window.
  6. Always check the model in 3d Paint or re-import into blender to see the FBX file.
  7. After all models are done ask for them to be isgameable and wait for confirmation.
  8. Fix the path in Xenko
When the model has been corrected upload that model to the agenda associated with that asset.  When doing so add the word "Corrected" in it so we know which ones to mark as isgameable.  Using this list here check all the assets.

Once all these assets have been corrected and uploaded to TFS and marked isgameable its time to go into xenko and fix the mistakes.  This can be done by swapping out the original file with the corrected file.  You can check models into the sandbox area though to make sure file has been corrected.
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