Asset Organizing

Asset Organizing

Project Manager: James Fleming

After looking over our assets and setting them to "IsGameable" we notice our asset when submitted into our source code organization was a bit off and could cause some serious issue when reviewing and finding thing after we get a lot of asset to manage for this project.

The current file structure is shown below.

//Resource > RoleTitle > AssetTypeTitle > AgendaId > AssetId

This structure allows only for one agenda per item. Which means that not only will our asset be spread among multiple agenda but this dose not give a one to one folder relation to each asset which we feel is important.

After talking with Jonathon we came up with the following solution after reviewing a few samples and looking at our own abilities with the website and automation system.

Our solution we came up with.

//Resource > RoleTitle > AgendaId > AssetTypeTitle > AssetId

Now with this we will need to reconsider our process for adding professional to agenda. Right now each agenda can be assign to the agenda one at a time. So our thought is that we allow our member to bid on them and also be set as "MultiUser" of that agenda which we do for hobbyist already. On top of this when ever a change for modification to this asset is needed we will reopen the agenda rather then creating a new one. So the agenda will now become more of a stepping stone to a finished object rather then a one to one member relationship they have been in the past. I think this will help keep us focused more on quality of each asset we have. With this being said each agenda when more then one member is working on it will need to bid on the agenda and the producer will need to move that agenda after each bid is placed to that role it goes to for the professional members. This will mean we will pay multiple people sometimes per agenda but will in the end help with keeping us well organized.

Technical idea to achieve this.
  • Add RoleId & ProjectId to all task for report tracking by role and project because the agenda role will not be accurate.
  • Write program or sql query to add the current roleid and projectid to each task.
  • Fix bid reporting for payment to look at bid table rather then the agenda table.
  • Allow contractor to have a bid and be a multiuser.
  • Check reporting pages for project to switch to agenda task object rather then agenda object.
  • Adjust the automation system to follow the folder structure using the asset object w/roleid.
In xenko

Now once we have the asset loaded into the file structure we can use normal titles for the prefab and asset importing as seen appropriate by the producer and designer.


ver: 20230322W032041

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