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Mass Production of Structure

Mass Production of Structure

Project Manager: Alex M. via Alexander Martina

We need to create the following items.  We normally split these out but was asked to group them together to get them done.

With these I think we need to keep the liaison area update every two days of the progress of these items and when they are completed upload them to the media uploaded so I can review them before we continue I don't want to wait until the end to review all of them at once as that will take a few days at least.

  1. Airstrip Structure
  2. Anti Missile Silo Structure
  3. Barb Wire Structure
  4. Barracks Structure
  5. Factory Structure
  6. Helicoper Pad Structure
  7. Medic Tent Structure
  8. Missile Silo Structure
  9. Sea Oil Rig Structure
  10. Press Tent Structure
  11. Radar Structure
  12. Oil Refinery Structure
  13. Oil Pump Structure
  14. Sand Barrier Structure
  15. Special Activities Group Structure
  16. Stationary Turret Structure
  17. Surface to Air Missile Structure
  18. Watch Tower Structure
  19. Special Operations Group Structure

These are sample structure that have been completed.


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