Contact with no affiliation

Contact with no affiliation

Project Manager: Anonymous

Contact that has no open affiliation to either faction.  Independent character probably associated with a university or field of expertise...maybe a philanthropist?

We need this for the contact area-to add bonuses to the gameplay selected outside the match before it begins.  In the game you may or may not meet up with these contacts through the suburbs.  This depends on the type of contact you have.  So this could be everything from Edward Snowden to Osama Bin Laden.  You can use these as some of them if you like, just make sure all names are changed and the characters are reasonably fictional.  We will need a lot of contacts that are well thought out.  These contacts should not be more then a few paragraphs long in description as we will only be showing their objectives and what they need in order for you to land in their good graces and earn their bonuses.


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