Graphical User Interface Art

Graphical User Interface Art

Project Manager: Jordan Jeffreys

We need graphic for our screens a list is provided below.  We will need the source for this as well so we can make new GUI elements.  So this should be done using Adobe or Gimp art application with layering where appropriate.  No text is needed this will be provided by the game engine.

All GUI Buttons should be the same height and be made into sprites for each button press state and non press state.

Icons should be the same design and color.  I was thinking blue and red for the menu but if you have any idea we are open to suggestions.
  1. Red Big Button example
  2. Blue Small Button example
  3. Green small button
  4. Grey small button
  5. Yellow small button
  6. Account Button (No Words Icon Only) example
  7. Option Button (No Words Icon Only)
  8. Ready Button (No Words Icon Only)

All of these should be uploaded with source and exported as png so we can directly add to the game when this is completed.

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