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ServerClient structure

ServerClient structure

Project Manager: jfleming via Anthony Michelizzi

We need to create a structure for connecting a user to a MSSQL database.

  1. The server needs to handle multiple clients at any time.
  2. The client needs to be able to send user info and pass info to the server
  3. the server needs to connect to the MSSQL db and check for if the user/pass combination is correct
  4. The server needs to return to the client if it is correct or not.
  5. The client needs to move unity forward to the "ConsoleScene" if info is correct. Otherwise display a GUI message stating the password was incorrect.
  6. When the Game has quit the server needs to register that the client is no longer connected

This will provide us a solid base for what we need for a production Server/Client setup.

DO NOT  spend more then 5 hours on this project.

Complete and submit what you have. If it is not possible to complete in 5 hours, it will be assigned later as a continuance.


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