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Character Charting

Character Charting

Project Manager: Matthew Baldwin

Lets start taking the outline and put a character area for describe the players for modeling needs.

This agenda needs a physical description of the characters listed below-the features of their faces,skin tone,scars,tattoos,clothing, and accessories, etc. Feel free to be diverse and unique-I'd like each character in the story to feel memorable,necessary, and to be accessible the widest audience possible. Once you have the descriptions done, let me know, and we will review them together to make any needed adjustments to keep on track with the story and to stay on the same page.


-Corrimer Jacks (Commander of ArBat)

-Kerouac Simm (Mech Pilot,Main Protagonist )

-Caster Mathieu (Head Mech  Mechanic)

-Solau Jeng (Commander of Ground Based RTS Units)

-Unamed (Commander of Air Based RTS Units)

If you have any questions,feel free to PM me.

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