Questions for GDD

Questions for GDD

Project Manager: Johannes Natterer

Please discuss these in the kanban with the team after this agenda starts  and then make any modification to the GDD as needed to make sure these question are answered.

What area support or help do you need with the producer or any other role?

We are going to need the Game Designers to better define the game map in relationship to game play.

Is the game field meant to be falter like in an rts or raised like in a shooter?

How big is the map meant to be?

How does that size compare to the different type of mechs, structures, and equipment?

What role do structures and equipment play in relationship to the map?

Are there rules on how close a relic and/or super mech part can spawn in relationship to team bases and to each other?

Are there rules about how and where team bases can spawn?

How much teams are there meant to be per game? And How does that affect map size?

Fog of war? Yah/Nah? If yah, what are the rules for the fog?

Then just general questions/comments for the Game Designers:

The win conditions for the game modes are really unclear.

How big or small can a team be?

How do upgrades purchased though the store affect game play per mode?

How do help ensure enjoyable game play if one time is all souped up on items from the store?

For the Death match mode:

How does a player get tickets?

For the Relic/Artefact [sic] and Super Mech modes:

Can you better define points and the reason for points?


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