IsGameable Asset Check

IsGameable Asset Check

Project Manager: Sean Judd

We need to go over all the assets the team has created for audio and see what we can and can not use in the game.  If it is good enough to be in the game and is complete mark it as "IsGamable" to true so the Automation System put it in our source control for the programmers to grab.

After you have reviewed all of these compile a list for us to see what was added.

If you find any asset that will never be able to be used in the game or are incomplete on the edit scree of the asset mark it as "Deleted".  The Automation System will sent us a list of all assets that are to be deleted and has a 3 day grace period so I have time to review them before permanent deletion happens. So no list is needed.

We will probably do this for the IsGameable as well but until that is done please keep a list of them.

We need to regroup and figure out what we have and what we need at this point.


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