Create a PlayerTestData class

Create a PlayerTestData class

Project Manager: jfleming via Anthony Michelizzi

  • Add a PlayerTestData class in the EntityManager.Data folder.
  • The PlayerTestData should have a List property.
  • In the PlayerMode class create methods to add and remove: Equipment, Gear, Mechs, Weapon from their respective list. 
  • When the class instantiated it should add at least 5 different players to the PlayerModel list.
  • Each Player should be added with at least a Email Address and Password.

In the EntityManagerAbstract:

  • Add a method to get a player by email address
  • Modify AddPlayer and RemovePlayer to use the PlayerTestData
  • Modify AddPlayer and RemovePlayer to return a bool values
  • (Stub-out) the following:
    • AddEquipment (accepts an EquipmentModel, returns a bool)
    • RemoveEquipment (accepts an EquipmentModel, returns a bool)
    • AddGear (accepts an GearModel, returns a bool)
    • RemoveGear (accepts an GearModel, returns a bool)
    • AddMech (accepts an MechModel, returns a bool)
    • RemoveMech (accepts an MechModel, returns a bool)
    • AddWeapon (accepts an WeaponModel, returns a bool)
    • RemoveWeapon (accepts an WeaponModel, returns a bool)
  • Make sure the (Stub-out) methods throw a NotImplementedException();
  • Add comments to the (Stub-out) methods that they are used to add and remove from that database. 


ver: 20230928T145042