IsGrab Agenda Items

IsGrab Agenda Items

Project Manager: James Fleming

Problem: Motivated members being bored waiting so long between sprints to participate.

Solution: Quick grab items first come first server that don't need approval to assign to yourself.


  • Add IsGrab to agenda model/object adjust Data & Business & Presentation Layer code
  • Change kanban to show pending IsGrab object


  • Member is done with primary agenda
  • Lead / Producer will have these items pre selected from defining queue
  • Member select and accepts IsGrab Item


  • Member may only have one agenda at a time
  • At the end of the sprint all agenda are marked as requesting review for the ones that are still in assign status, after that the agenda will be marked as automation set it to "request review" so leads can inquire why it is not done and what is left to do so we can schedule it for the next sprint if need be.
  • Member not on the current sprint may not grab one of this IsGrab Items and do it.


ver: 20230327M182318

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