Cleanup Bay screens code

Cleanup Bay screens code

Project Manager: jfleming via Anthony Michelizzi


When you are finish with the updated per our meeting, please submit to TFS with the comment ""Added updates per 1010 to TFS."


Make sure you have access to TFS before starting this task.

Review the Screen Abstract Hierarchy chart. Abstracts that overlap inherent from the abstract above it. These abstracts allow us to a way to apply consistent styling/coding and houses code that is being reused across several SyncScript classes. Note: The Story screen should have been include as part of the ConsoleScreenAbstract group. 

  • Create a BayScreensAbstract class - this class should function similar to the NetworkScreensAbstract class. Should inherent from the ConsoleScreensAbstract class.
  • Create a BayNavigationLogic class - this class should function similar to the NetworkScreensAbstract class. 
  • Set all the screens in the BayScreensAbstract group to inherent from BayScreensAbstract.
  • Use the UI controls from Package.InterfaceManager.Model instead of SiliconStudio.Paradox.UI.Controlsor SiliconStudio.Paradox.UI.Panels.
  • Use the TextButtonControl instead of the CreateButton() method to create buttons.
  • Make sure all UI control elements are you using the Object Naming Convention. It will make life easier. 
  • Add comments 
  • Make sure all button function.

For the BaySync class:

  • Make sure the screen displays a Console and a Load Out button.

For the LoadOutSync class:

  • Make sure the screen displays a Bay and Equipment button.

For the EquipmentSync class:

  • Make sure the screen only displays a Load Out button.

When this task is completed, check in your work with the comment "Added 1010 to TFS."


ver: 20230327M182318

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