Cleanup Console Screens

Cleanup Console Screens

Project Manager: Nick Cordova

Review the Screen Abstract Hierarchy chart. Abstracts that overlap inherent from the abstract above it. These abstracts allow us to a way to apply consistent styling/coding and house code that is being reused across several SyncScript classes. Note: The Story screen should have been include as part of the ConsoleScreenAbstract group. 

  • Set all the screens in the Options, Leader Board, Pilot Skill, and Firmware screens to inherent from ConsoleScreensAbstract.
  • The Store, Hosting, Queue, and Bay screens should inherent from their own abstracts.
  • Use the UI controls from Package.InterfaceManager.Model instead of SiliconStudio.Paradox.UI.Controls or SiliconStudio.Paradox.UI.Panels.
  • Use the TextButtonControl instead for CreateButton() method for buttons.
  • Make sure all UI control elements are you using the Object Naming Convention. It will make life easier. 
  • Add comments
  • Make sure ConsoleNavigationLogic is handling button navigation for the console screen group.
  • Make sure all button function.


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