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Thou Curator
A company dedicated to helping people create video game ...

About Us

 Thou Curator is an Indie Game Developer Studio for Hobbyists I founded in 2004. I actually have been designing games since 1998, so I've traveled on a productive learning curve! My passion has always been to create a game for anyone who craves a strategy game that offers ongoing challenges for years, not just a few months. My Mission: Developing dynamic strategy games that are constantly upgraded. But such an ambitious goal requires teamwork, that's why Thou Curator is actively recruiting people who share a passion to break through the routine of game development. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to design an innovative timeless game, join Thou Curator. It's your chance of a lifetime!
I have come to realize that a team provides a fertile ground for a bounty of supportive brainstorming coupled with the muscle and stamina to produce top quality work. Therefore, success is achieved without compromising the balance between work and family life.
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A company dedicated to helping people create video games. They do this by providing tools and education in Unity for 2D and 3D projects. The goal is to help game creators get started with their own projects, or provide services for them where they need the most help.

We assistance, users can make their dream a reality!

Focus Point
Thou Curator purpose is to create custom games from our own imagination. Bring creative and design to our end user.

Internal Point
Is for creating video games using Unity and education on the process of this. The services would be for us to develop games for them. The site's content should not focus on Unity how-to but more on an industry how-to.

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