Armament Art Style for 2d and 3d

Clip Art Style True
Texturing None
Art Style Manga
Resolution 16:9 1080p = 1920 x 1080
2d Media Uploaded psd
2d Format Export jpg
3d Format Export fbx
Terrain None
Perspective Grid Top 30 Degree Tilt Prospective 
Isometric 30 Degree (East)
Color Black & White

Armament should have a game art style similar too Real War or/and Command & Conquer Red Alert 3.  The unit and building coloring should be grey or brown scale units with stripped coloring to identify it per each player just like in Command & Conquer Red Alert 3.  The building should match the environmental climate of the battlefield for each game.  So if you are in the jungle it should be green camouflage building with a stripped color around or if you are in a desert you should end up with desert camouflage with your player strip color identifier.  Along with this we want each and every unit resemble the manga art style for unit, structure and thumbnails where possible.  The game should look and feel like an Asian comic book for game play.  With big eyed characters and cartoon look and feel however all aspect of the game should be drawn & modeled as realistic outside the normal direction of the manga style.

Here we have a unit with the manga look and feel.  All images and models should use this as a standard.

A screen shot of the Command and Conquer units with the color strip.

A sample of the in-game graphical user interface look we want.

Sample of Command and Conquer game play look we want.

Real War's building models that represent the modeling for building we want.  Also if you notice there are thumbnail in the user interface of this one.  These also need to have the manga look and feel.

All non game play aspect should be manga art style such as the story line, cut sense, and character bio.

A beautiful manga anime scene from somewhere, this is how we want all content to look and feel.

This one is listed above but I think its important to fully understand this is how our game should look in and out of the game.

This shows some character style we want with big eyes & facial expression with big mouth like the first image though. Also it is important to draw action scene with the appearance of movement or character action taking place.
Character Design Character Design
Action being shown with a muzzle flash
Action Sample

Another sample of action I think this one is better then the other one but none the lesser a good show of anime action
Action Sample
Shows the facial express with action and the mouth

Image and Model specification:

You may sign your art if it can not be seen.  If i see it i will ask you to remove the branding.

Images should be wide screen 16:9 1080p = 1920 x 1080 - is usually known as FHD or “Full HD” resolution and saved as/exported *.jpg

Images when uploaded should have no white space around them as a boarder we want the image with no padding.

Models should be as low poly/trig as possible without loosing the look and feel of manga art style.  All models should be exported too *.fbx format

Color Palettes: This is for future reference only we are doing black and white only right now.
color palettes

30 Degree (East) grid lines for Isometric drawing60 Degree Grid Lines for 2D Art

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