Member Collaboration Utility

This program was created by our team to allow all of our members to work together with as little over head as possible.  Its main purpose in life is to allow non-programmers that don't have access to the source code of our project to upload changes to the Unity3d Game Engine.

Getting Started:
  1. Insert your authentication on the File > Account > Authentication
  2. click get latest on the File > Unity > Get Latest Screen.  This will take a bit to finish and may seem like the application has frozen.  Normally its about a 40 minute wait but may depend on your internet speed to download the project.
  3. Click Open Project from the menu File > Unity > Open Project
  4. If the Unity web page shows up the application thinks you don't have it install.  Download it and install it then repeat step 3.  If you do have it install get a hold of the Lead Producer to let him know you found a bug.
Automatic Feature:
  • This application will update itself without asking.  It will download its self and install both the utility and its counter updater application to keep the team in sync with bug and feature add-ons.
Known Bugs:
  • Application freezes when doing a get latest or check-in
    • This is known and the reason is because it is not multi-threaded.  If this application proves itself worth the effort we will using .NET 4.5+ to make is a multi-threaded application which will fix it seeming like it's froze and stop working.
Menu System:
  • File
    • Unity
      • Open Project: Opens "The Last Stand" project only if you have Unity installed and the project downloaded.  If either of these are missing it pops a screen up with direct access to each one you are missing.
      • Check In: When hitting the button checkin will look for changes to the source code and unity code that you have committed.  If any are found it uploads them to the server for the entire team to use.  This keeping the team working as a unit without submitting multiple version of our project to each other.
      • Get Latest: Gets the latest submitted data from the server from our contributors.
      • Project Directory: Allows for the default or custom install path to the project "The Last Stand" Unity files.
    • Account
      • Authentication: Allows you to insert your username and password to access Thou Curator project.
      • Team Foundation Server: Removes server setting if you should change any part of your login, project directory, or computer name.  This utility should fix any errors that might pop up.
    • Quit: Close the application.
  • Help
    • About: This shows the version of the application you are running.
    • System Message: The last error message the application recorded.
    • Release Notes: Shows this wiki page.
    • Unity Tutorial: Unity provide tutorial to help you get started.
    • Our Structure: Shows how our file and project is organized.

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