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The Automation System is an application that is ran on the server every hour 7/24/365 it handles a lot of micromanaging task and keeps things organized in terms of assets and our system clean and running smooth.  This system / application was created by us to help keep communication open and to allow us to run the team without having to spend countless hours reviewing every single detail of Thou Curator everyday, this frees us up to pay attention to game creation rather then 100% managing content and users.  This also keep everyone 100% equal in the fact that the system is no bias and look at everyone's account equally.


  • Check In Active
    • Check if any members have not logged into the system in over 14 days and have participated in agendas with in 28 days.  If either are false and email is sent out warning the member of their in-active status.  Their account is also marked as in-active until they sign in which then re-instates them to normal.  A notation of this is placed on the member conduct on their profile.
    • Ran every 2 hours
  • Check Active
    • Check if any members have not logged into the system in over 22 days and have participated in agendas with in 49 days.  If either are false an email is sent out notifying the member of this and their account is set to resigned.  They must contact a game producer in order to be re-instated.
    • Ran every 2 hours
  • Check Prospect
    • Check for new member that have filled out the join us page.  This send an email to the producer as a notice.
    • Ran Every 6 Hours
  • Check Status
    • This check if an a member was set to any other status other then "Active".  Then sends a notice to the producers as of active member changes.
    • Ran every 24 hours
  • Check Leave Of Absence
    • This check the date at which the member went on LOB.  If they go pass 14 days of leave without signing into the web site which will reactivate their account.  Any member that does not logged back in is switch to resigned status, we only allow 14 days leave anyone needing more time then that off will have to get a hold of a producer after they are ready to come back.
    • Ran every 2 hours
  • Court Martial
    • Check if a member has been participating and communicating on the team.  If not it will start removing points from their rank until they are zero.  This will stop members from coming back on the team once or twice a year and downloading assets our team either purchase or creates.


  • Check Status
    • Verify agenda is being worked on with in 7 days. If no progress is made with in 7 days it notes the agenda and member conduct.  Then a notice is sent to the member their agenda has been reset back to pending.
  • Check Progress
    • Check if progress to assigned agenda has been done with in 3.5 days if no progress has been done a notice is sent to member to update their agenda with their progress so the team stay in sync.
  • Check Member
    • This check if an agenda was abandon because a member was set to any other status other then "Active".  So if they resign or the automation system set them to another status other then "Active" this notice is sent to the game producer as an abandon agenda. 
    • Ran every 24 hours
  • Check Scrum
    • Check sprints if the sprint is over this removes it from the kanban and if its new and needs to start it set it to the kanban.  This also sends a notice to all members that are apart of these sprints.
    • Ran every 2 hours


  • Check Ribbon
    • Award Check
    • Ran every 2 hours


  • Check Metal
    • Award Check
    • Ran every 2 hours

Dog Tag

  • Check Dog Tag
    • Award check
    • Ran Every 2 hours


  • Reminder Six
    • Checks calendar and sends out meeting reminders 4 to 8 hours before the meeting
    • Ran every 2 hours


  • Send Newsletter
    • Sends out the newsletter with auto generated information from the last 30 day set to run on the 1st of every month
    • Ran every 2hours


  • Create XML
    • Creates the xml feed for RSS feed
    • Ran every 24 hours


  • Create
    • Run site map for search engine optimization (SEO) this xml is sent to search engine to fine content on the public side only
    • ran every 24 hours


  • Check Is Viewed
    • Check when a message is sent out that the user has seen it if 3 days pass a notice is sent reminding them they have a message
    • ran every 24 hours


  • Check Update
    • Pull all the newest content modified or created and generates an email everyday to email to all active and in-active members.
    • Ran every 24 hours


  • Check Asset
    • Marked IsGameable Copy to TFS directory
    • Ran every hour
    • Checked into TFS

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Created: 8/29/2015 10:39