Agile Scrum and Kanban Walk Through

Scrum Concept

What is a scrum?  Scrum is an organized method for our company to produce the best game possible by allowing us to see what needs to be done, figure out how to get it done, stay on task and adapt things as we go along.

Here is a video on this subject to help with further defining this topic.

Sprint Concept

Tasks that need to be done are broken down into fast past segments called sprints. You can find the current sprint on the console page.  Each sprint will have several objectives/agendas assigned from several different roles.  This is the whole team working together on their own segments to complete one sprint

Kanban Concept

Kanban is what you see on your console.  It shows us what needs to be done, what is currently being worked on and what has been finished.  It also allows us to see how much time we have vs time given.  It shows how productive we are being and also gives us a communication board to discuss details pertaining to each sprint we are working on.  Below we will break down everything on the Kanban and what it all means.

Here is a video on this subject to help with further defining this topic.

Layout Concept

The console screen changes based on where we are in the process of our sprints. You may see this screen which means we are currently in review process. This time is normally around 3 to 4 days of stand by. During this time the leads and producer have meeting and review the overall progress of the game. Then based on that set agenda and focus points for the next weeks to come. 0
1 At the top you will find the dates this sprint is set to run with and a general idea of the amount of time we have to complete it.
The second box is for the general goal of this sprint for the team to complete together. 2
3 After that we have the Pending, Assigned, Review, and Approved.  These boxes show in what state in the sprint the agenda / objective are in.  Below this you will find what was done yesterday and what has been done for today.
Once you get pass that you have the discussion which is a forum discussion that can be found in the forum section or you can participate right on the sprint kanban.  If you prefer the full screen view you can click the link at the top you see here labeled "Sprint Discussion & Obstacles" which is used for that reason.  Any issue you are having on the agenda or information you need should be put here fort he team to work together and help. 4
5 Finally on the sprint layout you have the burn down chart.  Now this chart gives an overview of the total work estimated vs what is left to be completed before the sprint ends.
Our latest project build are list here on the console screen as well for you to download and run.  If you have any issue with running it on a PC windows 7 or higher please let us know. 6
7 This little area on the console page is where all the 3rd party tool we use as a team are kept.  If you need help doing something on the computer and a program is needed to complete it.  It should be list here, if you don't know what you are looking for simply ask your lead or producer.

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