IIS Timeout or Request Length

IIS Timeout or Request Length


It looks like some time limits of your system were exceeded and the thread was aborted.
Could you please try to increase the following settings in your web.config and run the update one more time?

<httpRuntime ... executionTimeout="36000"/>
<setting name="DefaultSQLTimeout" value="05:00:00" />
<sessionState  timeout="300"/>

Could you please make sure that the "Ping enabled" setting of your APP Pool is set to "false"?
(Please take a look at the attached "ping_enabled.png" screenshot)

 For the App_Pool in IIS:
 - Set the "Recycling >> Regular Time Interval" to "0" (do not recycle).
 - Set the "Process Model >> Idle Time-out" to "600"
3. Increase the following settings in web.config some more:
<setting name="DefaultSQLTimeout" value="10:00:00" />
<sessionState  timeout="600"/>


Idle Time-Out (Minutes) set to 0
Regular Time Interval (Minutes) set to 0

HTTP Response Headers
Cache-Control max-age=31536000
caheControlHeader max-age=31536000
ETag max-age=31536000

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Created: 4/7/2015 13:19