Voxel to Unity

If your going to use Magikavoxel to make assets like these tUpdated assetUpdated asset

Here are some things to keep in mind exporting those assets into unity

  1. Follow a standard color pallette.  This is useful so we can use one image for multiple assets.  If we wanted to maybe change the color of a unit all we will have to do is swap out the pallet image and swap certain colors out
  2. Given this we should have a few set pallets on hand.  One which will be standard and possibly one for each player in a match.  Its important that you use one of these palettes and understand where each color should go to keep the model up to standards.  You can find more information relating to this topic [HERE] (TBA I still need to make this at some point.  When its done it will go here)
  3. if you are not creating your own pallet and have a reason to do so make sure you download the appropriate one and import it into magika voxel.
  4. when exporting characters or moving parts, disconnect the joints.  
    Updated asset
    If you forget to do this when you export the mesh these joints will fuze and you wont be able to animate them properly.  Its best to export your pieces separately so that you can join them in blender.

  5. When you export you have to export an OBJ file.  This will create an .obj and .mtl file.  Using blenders "blender render"  Import the Obj.  It is likely your model will be x100 the size you want so its best to scale it down right away.  The material will automatically import and you can export them both out as a single .fbx file for unity.
  6. Make sure to follow standards for exporting models from blender HERE
  7. If you created your mesh entirely in magika voxel you wont need to uv wrap anything.  Just import your fbx into unity then either import the palette .png that magika voxel created and drag it onto your model, or use the standard palette /png that we have on file instead.

Voxels are great for characters, terrain props, large set pieces.  If you cannot achieve the effect you want with voxels bring the model into blender then do what you can there using low poly.  If you create a model in blender to join with your voxel model make sure you map the UVs to the pallet generated by magika voxel using THIS method.  This palette .png will need to imported into unity and assigned to the model you wish to use.  

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