Different Game States

Here I will update on the roles of officer regarding to different states of the game. Players might need to choose officers that either based on their own play style or based on the situation on how they want to engage on the battlefield. Officers will be a bit different as players might be often choosing officers that is trying to abuse the state the game. Read below for more details. 
Note that whatever listed below are just pure estimation on the flow of the game based on what is given from "Bonus & Penalties" trait.

Early Game:
Early Game Officers does not mean passive officers who focus on collect resource. Early Game officers mean that officers that are probably strongest during this stage. Usually are aggressive officers.
For example, Impatient officers which has more speed and less health will be attempt to approach the game in a more aggressive way and try to end the game before the game even reach Late Game as they will be less useful in the later stage of the game since they are too squishy due to lack of health. 

Mid Game:
Mid Game officers will be more Objective Oriented and Snowbally officers, which mean they get small advantage on early game and use the advantage to secure more advantages as the game moves on.
For example, player who aim for Mid Game will choose Dedicated officers that has increased experienced while having penalty of obligation of defending suburb as during early game they will have higher level than opponent and use this advantage to maybe complete faction quest or secure suburb.

Late Game:
Late Game are usually for officers that are pretty weak Early Game and extremely powerful as the game goes on. Late Game officers are usually pretty vulnerable in Early Game and pretty passive.
For example, Energetic officers will be spending all the time "farming" resource due to the bonus more resource collection provided and when late game reaches, they will have more than enough resources to defend themselves or even overwhelm opponent with mass amount of weapons/unit/structures and may even have expensive extremely powerful building/weapon that can be built/bought easily.

There is something that I would like to propose which is something that can act as an Big Objective in the Late Game that can possibly decide the game (Something like Baron/Roshan in LoL and Dota). The thing i can think of is something like a very rare resource that will only spawn in late 35 minute of the game at specific place and one powerful building that can only be built by using the rare resource (Could be Kinetic Orbital Bombardment from NASA(?) which is feel is pretty strong to end the game)

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Created: 8/6/2018 13:43