Art Scene Process

  1. Scene Layout Comic Book Style

    1. Scene Specifications Template
    2. Character Specifications Template
  2. Vantage Point

    1. The Point from which the viewer observes a scene.
  3. Perspective(s) Line(s)

    1. A type of linear perspective with one vanishing point.
  4. Vanishing Point

    1. A point usually on the horizon line, at which parallel lines seem to converge.
  5. Horizon Line

    1. The line where land or water meets the sky, in reference to linear perspective.
  6. Construction Line(s)

    1. Lay down the foundation and structure for a strong final outcome (Shapes)
  7. Refinement

    1. Sketch layer, add and refine details
  8. Finish

    1. Line art, shading, texture, detail and simplicity

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