Key Features
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI): Player will engage in combat that will be scripted to play as real person making decisions based on events
  • In Game Store: In game skins and bonus will be available
  • Extreme Customization: Each player will be able to customize their combat style to their own without worrying about duplicate on the battlefield
  • Coop and Single Player: Players are able to join on a team of PVP or PVE in different scenarios
  • Game Modes: Players will enjoy numerous hours of fun with the many different game mode including death match (Team), mission(objectives), recon, capture the flag
  • Tactical Advanced Team Work: Players will have to make many decision on how to operate as a team to achieve a victory
  • New Content: New content being created by the team
  • Arcade Game Play: Players will be able to join and leave as needed so they are not tied down, you're able to play for 5 minute or 5 hours.

Basic Information
  • Genre:
    Modern Action Arcade Strategy Game in 3rd Person View
  • Audience:
    Young Adults 16 ~ 26
  • Platform:
    PC, Xbox One, PS4
  • Technology:
    C#.NET, Blender, FMOD, GIMP

With this project we are trying to create a unque game that allows for team work as well as what we like to call commando mode as in one or two player mode. This game will be mainly a player or two will interact with during the entire game play scenario. We want to allow for a different game play setting with every game so we have built-in an auto generating terrain feature.