The Last Stand

Key Features
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI): Player will engage in combat that will be scripted to play as real person making decisions based on events
  • In Game Store: In game skins and bonus will be available
  • Extreme Customization Machine: Each player will be able to customize their combat style to their own without worrying about duplicate on the battlefield
  • Coop and Single Player: Players are able to join on a team of PVP or PVE in different scenarios
  • Game Modes: Players will enjoy numerous hours of fun with the many different game mode including death match (Team), mission(objectives), recon, capture the flag
  • Tactical Advanced Team Work: Players will have to make many decision on how to operate as a team to achieve a victory
  • New Content: New content being created by the team everyday
  • Arcade Game Play: Players will be able to join and leave as needed so they are not tied down, your able to play for 5 minute or 5 hours.

Basic Information
  • Genra:
    Modern Futuristic Action Arcade Strategy Game in 3rd Person View
  • Audience:
    Young Adults 16 ~ 26
  • Platform:
    PC, Xbox One, PS4, Andriod, Apple Ios
  • Technology:
    Unity3d, C#.NET, Blender, FMOD, GIMP

With this project we are trying to create a unque game that allows for team work as well as what we like to call commando mode as in one or two player mode. This game will be mainly mechs that a player will interact with during the entire game play scenario. We want to allow for a different game play setting with every game so we have built-in an auto generating terrain feature.

Below is a brief overview of our games as a whole.
League of Legends: From this title we want to extract the camera and ability/skill way they do the game.

Socom: Show some sample of possible scenario play we will have in the game.

Battlefield 2: Allows you to see the commander concept our team thinks will be a great asset to game play ability.

Twisted Metal 2: Deminstrates the concept behind our team death match and free for all idea for this game.

Story/Lore Prelude

"The Last Stand” is a third person shooter / action game for the PC that uses proven game engine technology to thrust players into the role of a commander of a machine caught up in the epic saga of galaxies wars to find peace on other planet in the thirty-seventh century.

Prelude of the Story

I feel the piercing pain across my face as I take another blow.  The hot flow of blood runs from my mouth down my throat.  I know what they want.  I’d rather die than give it to them.  “What is your name” They scream.  I close my eyes and grimace as another blow hits my face.  I remain silent. “Where is your base location?”  The adrenaline rush kicks in as my body stiffens preparing for the next hit.  I recall the plane going down.  The light leaving the eyes of my brothers as they died fighting for our mission. I should have known it was a trap.  I should have listened to my instincts.  First time as a pilot and I’m taken hostage.   I can’t let them down.  I force myself to stay strong.  Another blow hits and I feel my body begging for mercy.  They scream for more information. I drown them out as I focus on my heart beat.  Is it getting slower?  The pain becomes so penetrating that I welcome the idea of death.

The door breaks down as I hear a rush of my brothers at arms.  I want to smile, if I could move any muscle in my swollen face, I would.    I feel the stinging pain shoot threw my lifeless body as they sling me over the shoulders of a brother and we start to move outside.  I feel the steady thud in my chest of a nearby UH-1H; my personal angel sent to save me, and I know it’s almost over. 

The repetitive rotation from the helicopter blade drowns out the pounding in my head.  I can feel every hit in my distended face with each heartbeat. As we lift into the air, panic hits me like a rush through my burning veins.  Thoughts race through my mind.  “Am I going to die? Is there an afterlife? Will everything I know and love become a black purgatory of nothingness?” the struggle within myself to hang on to my last thread of existence. I fight against the war within myself that pleads me to succumb to the darkness. It’s a battle I know I am losing. I can feel my weighted eyes begin to close as I slip into the darkness. 

The colors are so vivid in my mind. The serenity is intense.  Visions of tall skyscrapers, perfectly lined streets and elegant homes as far as the eye can see.  I hear tell of stories about what once was and in these dreams I can live out the fantasies. The idyllic world without war; for now it’s just a dream but it’s everything I am fighting for.  I crave the freedom. I open my eyes and look around my base.  I’ve laid here for seven months, going over every scenario.  How could I have failed that last mission? I feel my face burn with rage.  They need to pay for what they did to me.   I need retribution for the execution of my brothers. I refuse to let them get away with it. Sitting up slowly I ignore the shooting pain, I’m useless in here; I’m needed out there.

I know what my life is, what all of our lives are. I look outside my window at the rubble of what long ago was a thriving civilization and I wonder “will we ever be able to rebuild?”  Then I shake my head to clear it from nonsensical thoughts. Spending my life wondering about what once was and what could be is inoperable.  I need to survive.  I prepare myself to face another series of unknown cataclysms that are set out to take what is rightfully mine.  This is something I can’t let happen.  I arm myself with the crucial gear needed to save this hellish way of life and head towards my forward operating base.  My success is vital for the colony I now call home.  Revenge is my driving force.  This is war.