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I like new things, visual things, and I like making them. I have experience in Blender, Unity, Krita (My alternative to gimp), CrazyBump, AE, MonoDevelop, Visual Studios, and other related software. I Have written and designed from scratch many different projects. I'm an author, Script writer, game developer, programmer, Animator and more. I also delve into graphic design, and modeling, texturing, lighting etc. I have a lot of areas of experience and I like high performance, and new ideas. I'm a ponderer and an inventor of things and ideas in my spare time. If I don't know how to do something immediately, I will find out how to do it, or at least why it cannot be done. I like the idea of this company and I had previously thought of starting something similar. I would rather work for you guys however, because you know as well as I, just how daunting funding can be for a project. I am applying for a Game Programmer position because I am unsure exactly what category I fall under. My preferred language btw is C#.

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