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I am currently working with Team Nahual developing a game in Unity titled Juanito el Nahualito, a puzzle-adventure game about a boy that sets out to find his sick grandfather. I am currently wearing multiple hats for Juanito el Nahualito, I'm Lead Sound Engineer/Designer/Scripting and Supporting Tech Artist as well. I have experience working in Sound Design, VO Mastering, ADR, and implementation in DAW's, Unity, Pure Data, and middleware like FMOD. I also have experience with 3D Modeling, Basic IK Rigging, and Animation in Blender and Maya. I tend to lean towards designing experiences where players will feel a sense of meaningful agency. I have a solid foundation for the production pipeline of video games with extensive knowledge in Sound Design, 3D Modeling, Basic Scripting and more specifically Unity and its many components. I believe I would be a great asset to Thou Curator's creative branch but I'm open to helping Thou Curator reach its creative goals where you all think I would be helpful. Thank you!

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