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My 3D Product Reel(s): My 3D Character Reel(s): (click on the tabs. (Dont forget to click on the Gong!; (Under the Tickets tab.)) (PRODUCT DemoReel) (PRODUCT Spin / Orbit) My Oil & Gas 3D Reel(s): (OIL&GAS DemoReel) (Petro Ed Christmas e-Blaster) (Techno_Media Christmas EBlASTER) ( Weatherford LoTad system) (Weatherford Expandable Sand Screens) (Weatherford Drilling Jars) (Bisso Marine Polythyline Pipelay) (BISSO MarineTriple Pipelay) (BISSO Marine Cutting System)

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Joined Thou Curator before The Last Stand went to beta. Has received a notice email from the System Automation. Has had another status other then active.