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Hi i am Aarish ,i am a 3d generalist i have worked as a game designer for a studio in india.i am constantly trying to learn new things in game design and i am looking to learn more over here working with other artist and folks ,i am specialized for 3d modelling organic and in organic stuff both but i have sound knowledge of other areas as well as follows

high poly organic sculpts
retopology for generating low poly mesh
Traditional and PBR Textures
Realtime and baked lighting techniques for games
optoimization for games
FX for games
custom shading/materials
next gen asset creation
procedural techniques

while modelling i have my primary focus on

shape and volume
optimal use of geometry
good edge flow
animation friendly topology
and utilizing uv space for efficient texturing

currently i am freelancing and also working on updating my portfolio with the stuff i have learnt so far

i am willing to contribute here and learn new things here working with other artist and folks around,i will be happy to render my services here.

for a peak into my modelling stuff

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