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Hello, my name is Nicholas Capsimalis and I am a freelance electroacoustic/trailer music composer (mainly, though I do other genres as well) and audio engineer operating under the pseudonym "Hundred Days Music". I have been looking to get into the game design industry for a long time now and I am mostly concerned with getting work and experience rather than getting paid which means that this job sounds great to me. I am experienced with all forms of digital musical construction as well as live production. I also have experience using applications like Audacity, Audio Hijack, SoundHack, Ableton Live 9, Digital Performer, all Native Instruments plugins, and SPEAR (Sinusoidal Partial Editing and Resynthesis). I would love to work on any project, I have a very flexible schedule and I have many ways of maintaining communication. You can view my full body of works below: https://soundcloud.com/hundred-days-music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcd2Lz8Xml0NnIoZnHhmfTQ http://tradiio.com/hundreddaysmusic You can also Google "Nicholas Capsimalis" or "Hundred Days Music" and you will get relevant returns as the top results. Thanks again, and I hope to hear back from you ASAP.

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