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Join as a contractor to potentially earn money based on a bidding system. This position is open to anyone that is already experienced and are looking to earn money with their existing skill set.

  • Opportunity for payment: Place the winning bid on an agenda of your choice and you will receive payment at the completion of the task.
    • PayPal is required for payment.
    • Completed work must be approved by producers.
  • Engage with other members that allow you to get a full feel of our game.
    • You will have access to only the agenda(s) on which you are working and those open for bidding.
  • No string attached.
    • You are an independent contractor with the preexisting skill set necessary for the agendas on which you bid.
    • You have no responsibility to the team.
    • The team has no responsibility to you.
  • Put your skills to use and create all kinds of assets to be used in our game.
  • Access to game beta before it is released to the public.
Required Items
  • PayPal is required for payment.
  • Preexisting skill set necessary for the agendas on which you bid.
  • A portfolio of already completed work.
  • Great communication skills via email, messaging, and meeting when needed-either over the internet or in person when possible.
    • Ability to take a project and develop quality, game ready, assets.
  • Ability to learn our project management system.
    • This takes less than 15 minutes to fully understand.
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Hobbyists are the fundamental core of TC. We put their skills to the test, learn new skills, and can develop as a team members.

  • Thousands of fans will see and enjoy what YOU have helped to make.
  • This work will not be your job, but your hobby, so you can truly enjoy it and choose to work in the areas you like best.
  • Add 'Thou Curator Game Development' on your portfolio.
  • The team is ever growing and connecting with talented people from all over the world sharing the same dream.
  • Unlike pro games, no commercial constraints such as money, time, overhead, or schedule can stop us. Only our own quality standards and talents determine how far we can go.
  • The experience you gain here is exceptional because we don't settle for basic. We push our members to reach and discover the newest things in their fields.
  • We are a fair, friendly, and happy team! With contributors from 11 countries currently, you can make new friends all around the world-all with talents and interests similar to your own.
  • We have a unique license to our 3rd party products which we feel will ensure the success of the project and the integrity of the game we are creating.
  • With our vision of free play, our projects will be well known in the free arcade gaming community.
  • And finally let's not forget bragging rights! Once you've begun contributing and earned your first rank you will be published on the website as a member.