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Project: The Last Stand

This post is from ky from an agenda:
i think having a list of units I.E. APC's, Snipers, tanks would be nice to have. 
  Will each nation have some sort of special unit? something like the America nation having more of a air supperority? China having more foot soldiers? All i'm saying is some clarification would be nice to have,but being an a Alpha build i understand all subjects are do to change.
 the document is well put together. it raisis questions like troop stacking and stating. as a Magic the gathering player. some of this it confusing. will stats be baseline across every nation or will there be diffrences. will tech be more prominate for more advanced countries?
the more i read the more i want to see some sort of visaul build. being an a alpha i don't expect to get the whol picture and i do understand what we're going for, reading and seeing are two diffrent things.
 All and all though a great jumping off point i can't wait to see were it goes
Is Century of War Fun

Ky sorry i put this in the forum so we could all talk about it.
Let get a list going of what you think is missing please add them to this forum.

15.65 Pfc Kyler Doest Designer
1/29/2014 10:00:00 AM
oh no thats fine i'd rather have an open discussion then not.
and sorry for my god awful spelling.
1.what happens if you don't draw land first turn? the deck infinite or can you deck out and lose?
3.have you concidered doing custom decks?
4.can terrain be moved I.E. TNT?
5.will certain troops get boost like a sniper on a hill get bonus buffs?
this is all i have for now but trust me i'll have more 

Game Design Document
Game Play Element
Card Action
Here is what the design team has put together so far.  Let review these and figure out if this is ok or if we can improve the concept/define more.

15.65 Pfc Kyler Doest Designer
1/29/2014 5:11:00 PM
ok i read the PDF's and will have to re read it but by the looks of it, looks great can't wait to see a build of it

11.17 Pvt Arthur W Thomson Tester
1/29/2014 10:32:00 PM

Hi guys,


Well for an opening statement let me say “great job” game seems to be thought out from most angles but hope we can make it all angles!


  1. I know your still working on story line but, what century are you thinking? Seems late 1800 or so since the soldiers are using dagger, machete, etc. but then some of the vehicle and flying vehicle are from both 1800 and late 1900.

  2. Will Snipers on building or soldiers with shotgun within close range get increased Hit chance and/or perhaps damage boost?

  3. Can there soldiers maybe not become leaders if they have killed x amount of people or done x amount of damage.

  1. Stats Primary: hp,stress, armor Secondary: attack rating, range- Correct? Well stress and soldier+leaders might be a bit much I think on the both of em, if it was focused on leaders only I would see it be more realistic(as realistic as video games get lol) and relaxing. Soldiers is probably gonna be my first hand on the field so kinda need to focus on keep them alive and not having to worry about stress on them till later on in the game would be great

  2. How long will a typical game last... just by the looks of it feels like It could go anywhere from 35 min -120 min giving so many difference of cards, then again I guess depends on what your making decks size.

I'll be back with more but this will be it for now.





Ok this sounds like a good start I would like to talk with the design team and testing team together this sunday we can start hashing out the document.  With everyone in the same meeting.

15.65 Pfc Kyler Doest Designer
1/30/2014 4:03:00 PM
good to hear. i gotta make a list. right now i've made a mock up using the GTA 5 map and magic cards! not gonna lie alot of imagination was used.

excellent i would like to get a prototype going on video if possible but i want to have the meeting first so we can get some of the details defined first.