Agenda for Team Meeting 22 September 2018 at 0830 AM CST

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Project: Armament

Hiya y'all. Feel free to list any topic that you feel should be covered at the next team meeting.

This week's meeting will include a one-hour session with professional animator John Bowden. His portfolio can be found here.

Tessa Toney
Agenda for Team Meeting 22 September 2018 at 0830 AM CST

8149.59 WO Tessa Toney Producer
9/15/2018 9:31:25 AM
@Aaron will be demonstrating the animation of the tank turret. 

Tessa Toney

8149.59 WO Tessa Toney Producer
9/17/2018 4:44:03 PM
Question for John Bowden:  When creating our 3D assets, are we better served to create the infantry unit and weapon separately or as one piece?

Tessa Toney

  1. Should we have models with parts like the RPG & Infantry Unit?
  2. What technique are their to model animation.
  3. Is there any special about an Infantry unit vs a mechanical unit?
  4. Is their anything that has to be done to a model in the modeling of the poly that has to happen in-order to allow for animation.
  5. Using Blender and Unity is their any other tools we should consider to model animation. Such as MagicaVoxel?
  6. What and why would we use unity mecanin?
  7. Live Demo of a model animated already for blender and unity.
  8. Live modeling of our tank asset tracks.
  9. What animation or modeling standards should we follow to ensure we get good quality model for further development.
  10. Model having seams when is it ok

    We are trying to create an RTS game that looks and feels like Command & Conquer: General Zero Hour but has an art style like 8 Bit Armies.

    Here is our current art style we are using for 2d and 3d.

James Fleming 

Please pardon for turning this in so late.

Can you use heirarchy positions instead of bones once there is a single bone in the main object?  If so, is that an effective way to animate non-deforming mesh in gaming or something to stay away from?

If you had something like a solar system or man with a gun you want him to pick up, do you set it up to parent and unparent the bones? 

Do meshes with mixed geometry of (quads and ngons) for example, operate poorly in unity under any circumstances?