Different States of the Game

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Project: Armament

This is the Game Flow of the game that I can actually come out with based on the information provided in GDD. The duration of game flow will be estimated based on Design Pillars (40 minutes).

Early Game - (Duration: Around 10 minutes)
At this early point of the game players should be passive and attempt to adapt the battlefield as soon as possible. During this point of game it should have the least combat involved.
- Goals & Objectives:
=> Collect Resource. Players have to focus on collecting resources as soon as the game started in order to be able to build structures, units, or buying stocks in the shortest time possible.
=> Scout. While collecting resources, player can also send some small troops out to the battlefield to scout other possible resource points, position of suburbs and possibly even enemy's location and progress.
*Note that Faction will be less important in this stage as players has not capable enough to even complete the objectives given yet, unless the objective given are as simple as "collect x resources".

Mid Game - (Duration: Around 20 minutes)
Both parties started to have stable income and proceed to snowball. Small/short battle will occur quite frequently outside of both parties' bases.
Goals & Objectives:
=> Expand Base. As far as I concern, every resource point will be deplete eventually. If that's the case players should be started to expand their base to other resources point at this point of the game. Even the resource point will not deplete base expansion is still a legit action to make in order to get more resources quickly.
=> Battle for resource point. Either party will need to expand base and will somehow meet at a same resource point eventually. This is where small fights will occur. Resource point will be something like a "small objective" that will provide small advantage for winning parties.
=> Suburb. This is the point where suburb will be most important objective as it can provide a great advantage for map advantage. Both parties will be also fight for suburb.
*Faction will be more important now as most of the task could probably be completed.
*In my opinion, harassment on opponent's base will be occurring in this point of the game. However, as I watch others playing RTS game like Starcraft2 they will started to harass opponent as early as during Early Game stage. I need feedback on this. 

Late Game - (Duration: 10 minutes)
Most intense stage in the game. At this point Resources will be nearly not important anymore as most of the building or structures are probably built. Resources will only needed for ammo/supplies in this stage. This stage players will probably All or Nothing and have the most comeback potential.
=> Upgrade expensive building for All out attack. During this point player would probably have more than enough resources to upgrade their building to final form (Assuming players are not overwhelmed by opponent). Player will upgrade building to get strongest units/weapons in order to go for a big war.
=> Morale. Morale hold a bigger win condition in the Late Game as it will massively affect soldier's action and hence, player's power. Player should be also focusing on increasing own unit's morale while try their best to decrease opponent's morale.
=> Fight until the end. In Late Game, players will be focusing on big fights and attempt to attack and drop down opponent base.
*This stage probably won't and shouldn't be too long as players usually already exhausted from nearly a long 20-30 minute game. Usually game beyond 40 minutes will make players too tired to continue and probably give up due to the game being too long.

Here I will update on the roles of officer regarding to different states of the game. Players might need to choose officers that either based on their own play style or based on the situation on how they want to engage on the battlefield. Officers will be a bit different as players might be often choosing officers that is trying to abuse the state the game. Read below for more details. 
Note that whatever listed below are just pure estimation on the flow of the game based on what is given from "Bonus & Penalties" trait.

Early Game:
Early Game Officers does not mean passive officers who focus on collect resource. Early Game officers mean that officers that are probably strongest during this stage. Usually are aggressive officers.
For example, Impatient officers which has more speed and less health will be attempt to approach the game in a more aggressive way and try to end the game before the game even reach Late Game as they will be less useful in the later stage of the game since they are too squishy due to lack of health. 

Mid Game:
Mid Game officers will be more Objective Oriented and Snowbally officers, which mean they get small advantage on early game and use the advantage to secure more advantages as the game moves on.
For example, player who aim for Mid Game will choose Dedicated officers that has increased experienced while having penalty of obligation of defending suburb as during early game they will have higher level than opponent and use this advantage to maybe complete faction quest or secure suburb.

Late Game:
Late Game are usually for officers that are pretty weak Early Game and extremely powerful as the game goes on. Late Game officers are usually pretty vulnerable in Early Game and pretty passive.
For example, Energetic officers will be spending all the time "farming" resource due to the bonus more resource collection provided and when late game reaches, they will have more than enough resources to defend themselves or even overwhelm opponent with mass amount of weapons/unit/structures and may even have expensive extremely powerful building/weapon that can be built/bought easily.

There is something that I would like to propose which is something that can act as an Big Objective in the Late Game that can possibly decide the game (Something like Baron/Roshan in LoL and Dota). The thing i can think of is something like a very rare resource that will only spawn in late 35 minute of the game at specific place and one powerful building that can only be built by using the rare resource (Could be Kinetic Orbital Bombardment from NASA(?) which is feel is pretty strong to end the game)
Different States of the Game

737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Artist 3D
8/5/2018 12:11:21 PM

Edward great work so far.  I can see you really studied the project best you can and it shows!  I have a couple questions.

I noticed theres nothing here for officers and how they will affect the tides of battle?  Officers are incredibly special buildings that offer tactical and strategic advantages and players will get to choose/buy their officers before their battle similar to heros in mobas.  If you are struggling to find information on what we have please let me know and ill find them.


"In my opinion, harassment on opponent's base will be occurring in this point of the game. However, as I watch others playing RTS game like Starcraft2 they will started to harass opponent as early as during Early Game stage. I need feedback on this. "

I was thinking the same thing actually.  Back in the day i played warcraft 3 and there was a rush strategy where you send your builders to harass at the beginning of the game This however was easily countarable with the right stratagies and was a tactic only used by the types of people who enjoyed this playstyle and im sure the developers didnt intend for this but they didnt patch it out.  In my opinion the players will play the game they want to play.  And its not our job to stop them but to provide the correct constraints to allow others to effectively use their own style of play.  What this means is players may go an early approach and other players will learn to stop that.  But if we design the core game with the fundamentals you listen above most players will play the game as designed.  But if our foundation is wrong then players may learn to abuse the system.  

If the best op stratagy is to rush your opponent we did something wrong.  This doesnt mean players might not try and maybe win.  But if 75% of our players are doing this then that means the foundation of the game is messed up and we need to reevaluate our mechanics.  This is exactly why you are created this document and we are discussing these things now.  So when we enter playtesting and 75% of the players are not playing how we designed we know to refer to this doc and find out why.   

Great job teoh zhun nian i think this document needs some info on officers but looks solid for the most part.  Good job identifying some key objectives could you think of any more we might want/have?

What does the rest of the team think?

737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Artist 3D
8/5/2018 12:16:48 PM

One more thing i forgot to add.  We will have a variety of officers that some will be really good early game but fall off late game and others will be weak early game but snowball effectively into late game.  There will be a variety of playstyles the player can choose from and it will be properly balanced hopefully similar to how LOL and DOTA are balanced.   So our job is just to make sure the rules the players play with are properly balanced and they can play whatever game they want.

@Team Ok first thing let turn this into a wiki and discuss it here.  I have it started with Edwards edit post.

@Edwards I think you did a good job only correct at this point I see is the resource will not deprecate.  I'm just not a fan of that in RTS games as to many hours of my life where wasted trying to out do my family members only to run out of resources.  So the main research like oil will not run out.

@Jono I want you and edwards to work this out and get that document completed and formatted for the team please.

James Fleming