Unity LTS 201740f1

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538.05 SSgt Anthony Michelizzi Programmer
Project: Armament

On the 20th, Unity released LTS version 2017.4.0f1. Currently there are no breaking issues and Charlie branch was checked in using this version. There shouldn't be any issues currently for anyone who doesn't upgrade, but I would still suggest we upgrade due to the bug fixes that they introduced.

I only caught this when opening the project on my Mac and getting the version mismatch dialog.

GameProgrammer  - Anthony Michelizzi
Unity LTS 201740f1

Let's have everyone check their version as I just download Unity when we switch over so it might be possible for one of us to have an outdated version.

@Team please look at your version and upgrade to the most recent version.

James Fleming 

737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Artist 3D
3/24/2018 2:02:49 PM
Okay thank you!