Personality Traits and Gameplay

By: 7869.43 WO Tessa Toney Producer

I was thinking about the personality traits and I think we could have people choose the personality of their character using a sliding scale.  Creating the personality of their character will give the players more attachment to the character as well as narrow down the path options their characters will have available.

Example: No person is completely selfish and no person is completely selfless. If we have a sliding scale that goes in clicks of say....30% (so people can't take the 50/50 easy way out) and players choose which side of the spectrum their characters will fall on.


In-game the sliders can be used to filter choices that are available to the character.  For instance, the 90% selfish character won't be given a choice to risk the death of himself and his troops in an effort to save a small village that won't be able to repay them in any way should they survive.  The 90% selfless person won't be given the option to stand by and wait for the village conflict to end so they can go in to mop up the mess and take any remaining supplies back to base. These choices go on to affect reputation and relationships with contacts and urban areas as well as other players if we make a reputation visible.
Personality Traits and Gameplay