Why play a game called Armament by Thou Curator

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Project: Armament

So with every game we need to layout why people will play our game versus something else.

  1. What makes are game enjoyable?
    1. We want an arcade feel to our game where units are a bit exaggerated in there abilities and weapon / explosions
  2. What replay value will our game have?
    1. The fact that no battle will ever be the exact same
  3. How do we connect the player to our game?
    1. By allowing them to customize there player as much as possible
  4. Who is our target audience?
    1. 12 to 45 year old that like strategy games
  5. Who is not our target audience?
    1. Peace keepers against violence and blood
  6. What continuous content can we keep making to add value to our game?
    1. Military units and abilities
    2. New military technology or even old
  7. What is the look and flow going to look like?
    1. We want a modern war GUI that allows for information to be easily seen and hidden
  8. What type of game play do we want to achieve? 
    1. Arcade 100% this game should allow for quick game start and quick games somewhere around 30 to 40 minutes if the player chooses.  To allow causal players to play and if a player wants a long war then setting can be adjusted to make that a possibility.  Sometimes you just want to blow things up and sometimes you just need to get to the other side to achieve a goal for the game... or because you have kids that don't let you play games because they think they need thing that cant wait another 10 freaking minutes.
These are a few of the question that I battle with to make choice so lets lay them out. 

James Fleming
Why play a game called Armament by Thou Curator

8149.59 WO Tessa Toney Producer
11/20/2017 4:54:32 PM
Continuous Content: Types of warfare—choose your battle scenario. 

We are beginning the game with modern warfare which utilizes all known strategies and modern equipment, but we can add different time frames and different battlefields that add limitations which will challenge the player to win while utilizing a strategy the chose before the beginning of the battle: guerilla, Fabian, ambush, blockade, coup de main, debellation, infiltration, etc. 

The player will want to be able to choose certain strategies once in the actual game but bonuses could encourage the player to follow the preselected strategies just to make things interesting.

Also, patterns in battle strategy could add to the player's reputations.  I also think reputations should be displayed on the screen in a way that lets other players see them.

I would say that trying to figure out what type of strategy they use would be next to impossible to measure in the game. Unless we make them hit button action like formation and stuff to predict it.  We have to have a way of tallying points for A vs B strategy to do this.

I think we might put this on the wishlist as something to look into.

James Fleming

My questions is what little things will or can we do that will make the game feel like an arcade game play?  We want a easy to play but hard to master feel too it.

Some thoughts on that might be to make units jerk backward when firing and oversized bullets/missiles etc.  We want to take the boring out of firing a unit and make it something of an exaggeration with lots of visual ques.

Anyone thing else we can think of?

James Fleming

8149.59 WO Tessa Toney Producer
11/21/2017 7:44:51 PM
One of the main things I remember about arcade games is exaggerated and unrealistic noises.

737.43 SSgt Jono Lansdale Artist 3D
11/22/2017 7:59:48 AM

Fast paced gameplay with little regard to logic.  Your right exaggerated movements / oversize bullets and explosions.  Physics work differently as well.  like when a unit fires a bullet they jump a little and maybe slide back due to the force.  This would work really well with say for example a rocket launcher unit could fire a missle and be thrown back by the force.   


This works really well with the anime art direction.  Anime is all about exaggeration of physics and features  


Lots of sliding i would imagine would fit this game well.  

What else can we think of that would add to the enjoyable feature of the game?

James Fleming

Here are something I found after doing a bit of research.

  • A slight pause after the death of the player
  • Shaking the screen or camera when hit
  • Quick Bullets as in a machine gun fire rate
  • Little animation in the menu system
  • Adjust it so there is not a 100% accuracy hit rate and visual effects
  • Music set the tone
    • Solf
    • Scary
    • Fast Past / Action Pack
  • Sound Effects
    • When attacking make the sound with more bass in the tone of it or higher pitch
    • When taking damage make it a lesser sound then when attacking even if the damage is the same value amount.

James Fleming

Does anyone have any other idea for this topic?  I want to make sure these idea are included in the GDD.

James Fleming