Meeting Notes Game Tester Review

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Project: The Last Stand

Meeting started 1800

  • Demo GDD
  • Talking about how to
  • Find video recorder
  • Talk lead position

6666.53 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
266.19 SSgt Kyler Doest Lead Game Tester
Meeting Notes Game Tester Review

Hey guys, I'm sorry I couldn't attend.

Are there already concrete plans how to make this video?




@Johannes not concrete but we discussed using this application to create screen play.  I want Kyler to produce one so we can see what we are dealing with and if it will be easy for everyone to follow along with the translation of the GDD.

James Fleming

15.65 Pfc Kyler Doest Designer
1/15/2016 10:43:08 AM
 nothing concrete, its going to be simplistic at first. just the concept of how it will work. i'm going to be doing it in ms paint. with a grid. open to suggestions.  

327.37 Sgt Johannes Natterer Designer
1/15/2016 11:01:54 AM

Ok sounds good.

@Kyler tell me whenever some parts of the GDD are unclear.


15.65 Pfc Kyler Doest Designer
1/15/2016 11:32:20 AM
 still reading through it i am only focusing on Concept 1- 2.1 right now just for this mock up commander mod i get the feeling will be another thing completely. 

 @Johannes would love to talk to you and @matt to get some ideas