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0 Pvt Daniel Fields Game Designer
Meeting Notes Game Designer Meeting

@Daniel I notice you did not accept the sprint challenge that started today did you want to participate in this weeks sprint?

@Johannes you forgot to add yourself to the meeting attendance I will do that for you but it will not show up on the forum, you get ribbons and stuff for them as well.   

@Brent did you get the information about what was talked about in the meeting? Does it need to be summarized on the forum in details?

James Fleming

@Daniel Oh sorry just notice you where not on that PM I have added you too it. 

James Fleming

2.00 Pvt Daniel Fields Designer
9/9/2015 11:22:13 PM

I simply missed the correspondence.  Still sort of getting used to the structure and layout of both the site and and how working hours are being implemented.  I'll accept the sprint and put some hours in this week.

6.00 Pvt Brent Lebleu Designer
9/10/2015 12:00:53 AM

@James Yes I did get all of the information and no I do not believe that it needs to be summarized. If I run into something that I am unsure of I'll be sure to contact you or Johannes but I don't have anything at this time.