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Project: The Last Stand

Hello all!

I have just joined this team and would like to intruduce myself.


My name is Etienne Rodriguez, i am from Berlin, Germany and have applied as a programmer to work on The Last Stand. I am currently in the last year of school and am looking forward to study computer science afterwards.

In my free time i am a hobby programmer and gamer. I like all kinds of games from Battlefield to The Stanley Parable to Fifa or Zelda. Most of the time i am playing on the PC, even though i own a PS4,PS4 and Xbox360 (and of course all the classic ones like NES,N64,.. :)).

Until now, i never had the opportunity to develop a game with a team and as a cause i am lacking in experience, but i have worked with unity and unreal engine before and have developed some programs in c#. Also, I am willing to learn and contribute to the project as much as i can.

I am really looking forward to work with you and seeing this project becoming reality, while learning a lot in the process.

You are of course always welcome to critizise my work, so that I can do better next time. wink

Sorry, if my english is not always perfect, but i hope it is at least understandable. :)


Have a nice weekend!

Etienne Rodriguez


Hello Etienne it is nice to meet you.  Sound like you might have the dedication to really be a good game programmer.  Sometime today the newest sprint PM will be sent out when it does make sure you "Accept The Challenge" so we can get you started.

James Fleming