Scrum Sprint: GUI Layout Splash and Login Screen for The Last Stand

By: 187.88 Sgt Melisa Montalbano Public Relations

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GUI Layout Splash and Login Screen for The Last Stand




Create login and gui screen with all the fucntionality based off of the game document.


Starting Sprint Team Members:
31.52 LCpl James Edwards (Game Programmer)
0 Pvt Matthew Baldwin (Game Writer)

Scrum Sprint: GUI Layout Splash and Login Screen for The Last Stand

James, Is there anything stopping you from completing the current objective?

No, I will be working on it come monday morning.

Monday lets see about getting Li and start on packages using the folder structure.

Li, how do you feel about getting started have you reviewed the meeting notes and have an understanding of the process?  If so I would like to jump in a meeting with you sometime today or tomorrow after 6PM CST.  Let me know what works for you.

I will make contact with Li today to find out his status on the meeting notes.

Hello everyone we have 5 more days before this sprint is over does anyone see any reason we can not make that deadline?

pretty I added time to chapter 1 when I should have added it to chapt 2-if i should even be adding time to chapter 2-I do apologize for any inconvience

Matthew no worries lets remove chapter two until the next sprint I would like us to focus on chapter one first.

copy that


Matt I have move the last post you did to Chapter 2 agenda.

Awesome. I am going to rework the synopsis and finish up on the new format for chapt 1.I'll have something definitive tonight

Testing forum submit outside of sprint discussion.

Forum seems to work perfectly

meaning I am at the forum page of the site and not tyoning this on the sprint text box in the console

Matthew are you done with the agenda "Write Chapter 1 for the last stand"?  Can we close it out so we can close this sprint?

Lisa how much further do you have before you have wrapped up the art for the public description page?

The wiki comes up as being edited.If it needs work I can always add it later so the sprint can be closed.I am almost done with putting it in the new format.

I set it to approved so if you need to modify it, just set your agenda to requesting review when your done.  I would like to get the remain stuff done by sunday at 6 which is when i plan on launching the next sprint

shouldn't be a problem.What do you think about  an outline as my first priority of the next sprint?I am 1500 words plus into chapter 2 and much of it is action so it should be an easy write.Also-did you see panel/page image I sent?If so,what do you think?

Ithink it looks good but for wide screen i think we should do row andnot columns.  an outline sounds good as a start to the next sprint

What if we do 1 panel/page= 1 screen and the player clicks through them? I think that would deliver the story and art more effectively esp on the first chapter.I could divide the pages into more panels if you think that would be more effective.later chapters will be less critical since most of the story will be a part of gameplay, unless i misunderstand the idea.

Unable to get a hold of her through fb or pm so i'm removing it off our sprint. Hopefully we can add it to another one soon as it's def needed asap