some possible ideas

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Project: The Last Stand

As I'm getting my head into the game,I have a couple of mech ideas-I've written this once and I apologize if this is a repeat.I couldn't find what I wrote earlier anywhere,so here is my latest-

3 possible mechs or mountable equipment-these ideas could work either way

underwater stealth mech/mount-hidden, able to fire while submersed,moves slower, movement gives away position by water movement,explosives have a greater slpash radius in the water.

Artillery mech/mount - heavy armor,slow speed,high damage,slow reload,able to hit enemies out of the line of sight or behind obsrutctions such as buildings.

Perhaps the engineer could repair bridges,non-mech vehicles and so on?

Possible enviromental hazard-Meteor storms.I imagine the debris in space after the war would leave a lot of trash in orbit.

Let me know what you think-if you want a deeper description,let me know.

some possible ideas