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We are glad you have decided to contact us. However please have a look at the following bullet points.

  • If the join us page does not have the role you are looking for that means it's filled. You will have to come back later to request to join our team when / if it opens back up. We only have so many opening to work with based on work and licensing amounts.
  • We don't have time to work on projects outside of the one we are working on as a mentor or quid pro quo. We are a team and the idea we are currently focus on comes first which was created by a collaboration of the team and not just one person.
  • No soliciting. If we need a product or support with anything we will use google to find the top result for what we need. If you are one of them then we will call you.

Have a question or comment please let us know we would be happy to help.
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- No Soliciting
- No Position Open
- No Quid Pro Quo

Frequently Asked Questions

We all have them at times.

What happens if I cannot dedicate 5 hours a week as the minimum requirements says?
If you need some time off for vacation, school, or anything else you will just need to let your role leader know and they will set you to leave of absence.

How do I communicate with the team?
Our main form of communication is either Team Viewer or our website allows you to email who ever you need from our liaison / communication area.

How many games have you produced or made?
As a company we are working on our first title, but as individuals we have created one to four games as indie developers. This is something new we are trying and if it is successful we will continue to support it for our members.

What if I need help or I am lost as to what to do next?
It is as easy as asking your role leader or producer.

What is the minimum age you will allow to join?
We will accept anyone that can fulfill our requirements and is mature enough to be in an unfiltered group conversation. However if you are under the age of 18 you can not be in a lead role.

What are we working on as our man focus?
We are all excited and focused on one project as we only do one at a time. Armament will be our focus until it's out for the community to enjoy.