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We are glad you have decided to contact us. However please have a look at the following bullet points.

  • If the join us page does not have the role you are looking for that means it's filled. You will have to come back later to request to join our team when / if it opens back up. We only have so many opening to work with based on work and licensing amounts.
  • We don't have time to work on projects outside of the one we are working on as a mentor or quid pro quo. We are a team and the idea we are currently focus on comes first which was created by a collaboration of the team and not just one person.
  • No soliciting. If we need a product or support with anything we will use google to find the top result for what we need. If you are one of them then we will call you.

Have a question or comment please let us know we would be happy to help.
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- No Soliciting
- No Position Open
- No Quid Pro Quo