Simple GUI for Game

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Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer

We need to constructed a simple GUI interface for our game Armament.  These screens will be built in the game engine xenko.  The screen listing are below and should include common sense navigation to the next screen as well as a static background image.  The image can be the same on all screen and hold as a placeholder until our artist get to that point.

  1. Main Menu Scene
  2. Splash Scene
  3. Game Scene
  4. Join Scene
  5. Host Scene
  6. Lobby Scene
  7. Results Scene
  8. Option Scene
  9. Diplomacy Scene
  10. Load Scene
  11. Lore/Story Scene
  12. Account Scene
  13. Update Scene

One screen should have a variable of controls such as a list view that can be clicked.

A slider to adjust values.

A text box for user input

A text area for user input

A control for displaying text