Defining The Interface

Project: The Last Stand
Role: Game Designer
Completed: 327.37 Sgt Johannes Natterer Game Designer
Start Date: 9/20/2015 15:46
End Date: 9/30/2015 09:02
Forum: Sprint Discussion

Please define the following interface of the GDD more.

  • 5.1 does there need to be security questions or some type of second level authentication? does a conformation email need to be send? 
  • 6.1.1, 7.1.1, 15.1.1, 20.1.1, 23.1.1, 24.1.1, and 25.1.1 are descriptions and are not  functional requirements. Functional requirement describe what things it  must or should do.
  • 8.1.1 and 9.1.1 in what way? Grid, list, etc? Should things be grouped a specific way? 
  • 10.1 do other things also need to be displayed? Like balance? Are previously purchased gear still displayed or removed gear options?
  • 10.1 what type of payments option must be accepted?
  • 11.1.1 may be out of scope. Are you sure that recent purchases should not be it's own screen? 
  • 11.1 should a confirmation email, text, etc be sent?
  • 13.1 how are players/teams ranked? What makes a team? How are teams formed? 
  • 14.1.1 What options?
  • 18.1.1 what options should the menu have?
  • 18.1.3  and 19.1.1 What types of stats should be shown? How should these stats function?
Defining The Interface

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Answered most of the question.

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Scrum: 20150920 for The Last Stand

By: 17181.56 1stLt Lead James Fleming Producer

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20150920 for The Last Stand




OK so at this point I think we are ready to start streaming the GUI flow chart start to finish to at the very least get a screen working and event fired every time you click through.

Starting Sprint Team Members:
1502.91 1stSgt James Edwards Lead Information Technology
383.38 SSgt Mel Dawdy Lead Game Artist 2D
286.00 SSgt Nick Cordova Lead Game Programmer
281.75 SSgt Johannes Natterer Lead Game Designer
3.43 Pvt Anthony Michelizzi Game Programmer
2.99 Pvt Etienne Rodriguez Game Programmer
6539.58 1stLt James Fleming Lead Game Producer
0 Pvt Yeri Hidayat Game Tester
0 Pvt Huma Florin Public Relations

I submitted the main console screen for approval but noticed it doesn't show as such... Is there rework to be done? 

@Etienne That did the trick. Thank you! sealed


You have to go to the scene properties, remove the "Render Camera" under Renderers(on the right) add a "Clear RenderFrame") and then add the "Render Camera" back in.

You should do this in all scenes.

If you don't understand how to do this (becaus i probably described it horribly) just ask.

Have a nice day!

Etienne Rodriguez

@James or Other Programmers I'm running into an issue where when I change scenes the previous screen still display underneath the current one. I am using destroy() but it does seem to do much either way. Has anyone ran into a similar issue or know a fix? 

I believe 

SceneSystem.SceneInstance.Scene = Asset.Load<Scene>("LoginScene");

calls LoadScene() in LoginSync and setting Entity.Get<UIComponent>().RootElement probably does most of the work. But I don't know what actually clears the previous scene. 

@James you have to give me the username and the password in order to have access to twitter ThouCurator's page, there isn't another way

Perfect, thank you very much for the information :)

@Mel winrar or 7z. 7z will only open rar where as winrar will let you open and make them, but winrar will wine about how it's only a trial (I've never had to use the full version before). Both work very similarly to windows built-in zip functions. 

As far as viewing .rar files, what is the most recommended program? I have a list, but am going for most efficient and easily operable.

Project files uploaded successfully, and reset for review.

@Anthony Ok i set it back to you i think i know what happen i will take a look at this after the sprint to try a to fix it on the site.

James Fleming

No build was being published. The error I got was about not filling out all of the information and then when I went back into it it was set for review and no file uploaded and I tried editing it but it doesn't allow me to upload files on edit

@Nick & Anthony Did you try uploading when a build was being published and did you get the error screen.  If so did you submit the error so I can see the cause?

I would if you only tried it once try it again please.

James Fleming

@James Looks like Anthony had some issues uploading to his task. What would be the best way for him to upload his files now that his task is in review?


I have downloaded Build 20150920 and had this issue.

@Various Programmers That should have been fixed in Build 20150920

If you've download Build 20150920 and it's still not work let me know. Otherwise you just need to open Application.Windows.csproj and Application.Windows10.csproj in notepad and change the follow line from:

<SiliconStudioCurrentPackagePath>C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\Game The Last Stand\Application\Application.pdxpkg</SiliconStudioCurrentPackagePath>







I think the Package.InterfaceManager error is due the fact that the code library was placed in the Application package folder rather than it's own Paradox Package. Let me fixed that in the build and I'll upload a new version soon. 

@Anthony Michelizzi

Thank you for your help!

This workaround worked for me. I'll use it till James Fleming finds a cleaner way to do it.

@James Fleming

Thank you for taking a look at it. I am looking forward to see what you come up with.



Etienne Rodriguez

@Programming Give me sometime to review this to see what I can come up with for a solution.

James Fleming

I had the same issue getting my game to compile. Since it was created by someone in a specific file, paradox looks on that specific file for what I needs. 

My work around was to create this folder. C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\


And place the folder Game The Last Stand into that folder along with all of its contents. Then open the project in paradox from that folder.  That solved it for me and I compile fine every time. 

@James Fleming and Nick Cordova


whenever i try to compile the project, it seems like it does not find the dependencies, even if I remove them and add them again manually.

I've read in another forum, that you have already dealt with it, but I don't know how. Could you help me with this, please? :)


I get the following errors plus 33 warnings.

Unable to find package decription from path [C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\Game The Last Stand\Application\Application.pdxpkg] Application.Design

Unable to find package decription from path [C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\Game The Last Stand\Application\Application.pdxpkg] Package.InterfaceManager



Etienne Rodriguez



@Huma glad to see progress on this.  We are already on IndieDB and we have a twitter page if you can figure out how to gain access to that i can set that up too.  I dont want to remake anything on any social media site it is hard enough keeping up with them without multiple fronts to deal with for them.

James Fleming

@James It's good to hear that. Thank you for giving me access to the facebook page. I was thinking to remake the twitter's company page ThouCurator and add The Last Stand on IndieDB...

@Huma thank you for the PM you should have access to FB now.

James Fleming

@Huma No that would not be a good idea we already have ties to alot of things using the one that exist now.

James Fleming

Hi, @James! I don't think it's going to work because of the time differences. But i have a better idea. How about i remake all our social-media pages of our company into fresh pages, all of them having the purpose to promote our actual project and the company itself. I will put you in touch with the accounts' information and you will have full access to all of them, if you agree.

@Kevin A sprint PM is sent out 3 days before each sprint starts.  You will need to answer the PM when it comes.  For now I have assigned you the design agenda as a part of this agenda.  If you have any question please post them here about that agenda.


James Fleming

New to the team and to the site, how do I join the sprints so I can join the next one?


@Huma I dont get off work until 5:00 PM CST and it takes me about 30 Minute to get home.  If you can do it around 12 PM CST that would work I can take lunch to discuss this?

James Fleming

@James Done. Assigned Create Firmware and Bay Screens

Hi, @James! Wednesday at 6PM CTS? Could we change to 4PM CTS? It will be 10PM (UTC+02:00) where i am..

@Nick Which one oft he programmer agenda's did you want me to handle?  You can just assign it to me.

James Fleming

@Huma I am not familiar with social media interface stuff lets setup a meeting so we can get you into them as needed.  Does Wednesday at 6PM CST work for you?

James Fleming

Hi, @James! I need access to thoucurator social profiles and pages to make new updates... :D

@Sound We will have some agenda's for you shortly their was a bit of confusion please be patient.

James Fleming

@Huma How can I help?

James Fleming

Hi, @James i think i need some help to finish my task!

Hello everyone welcome to the next sprint in our quest.  Starting off is their anything that will stop you from completing your agenda?

James Fleming