Figure out how to glue together navMesh areas

Project: Armament
Role: Game Programmer
Completed: 236.30 Sgt Lead Aaron Francis Game Animator
Start Date: 10/15/2018 21:22
End Date: 12/21/2018 11:09
we have two navMesh areas (Land, sea). Air units have ability to move on both areas, but they cannot pass from one to another because there is a small gap between them. Find a way to bridge that gap, to "glue" those areas together but to keep current functionality for land, sea and submersive units.
Figure out how to glue together navMesh areas

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14.00 HR.
Roughly 30 hours.

I made a basic plane above the main map area and marked it as an Air layer, generated navmesh, then disabled mesh renderer on the plane object. Then placed aircraft onto the invisible plane. Seems to work, except if the navmesh agent offset is set below 35.34, the aircraft snaps to the ground layer. No idea why.

4.00 HR.
The Air layer has been completed and works across both land and sea layers. The Mesh renderer component should remain inactive on the "Air" layer of terrain as to not shadow lighting, or be visible to the player.


Where do I find the scenes containing the navmeshes in question? All the scenes in the downloaded project are empty.

Il tell James to include you in tfs, then you can use visual studio to download latest version of project.

@Jeffrey you are now included in tfs, try to download project when you have time.

I re-downloaded the project and found new folder with my name. Still no maps to edit, they are all blank